Activity Ideas

MENU - Create a French menu, including prices in euros.

FRENCH REVOLUTION - Research French history at the time of the French Revolution.

CLIMATE - Investigate the regional variations of the French climate.

WINEMAKING - Locate and research the main winemaking regions of France.

STAINED GLASS WINDOW - Design a stained glass window.

METRO - Look at a map of the Paris Metro system and work out routes to certain landmarks.

NORMAN CONQUEST - Research the history of a French settlement in England from the Norman Conquest.

SIGNS - Make signs for French shops or create a model village with labelled shops and areas, e.g. the park, the school, the garage etc, in French.

HOT AIR BALLOON - Design a pattern for a hot air balloon and research the inventor, Montgolfier.

FAMOUS FRENCH PEOPLE - Find out as much as you can about famous French people.